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Estate planning means planning for what will happen to one’s assets on death, and addressing who will make decisions in the event of incapacity or death. A will is a viable way to handle many estate plans. For some people, a trust may be more suitable. We regularly represent clients in the preparation of estate plans of all sizes, from simple wills to complex trust packages. We explain the probate process as well as the pros and cons of wills vs. trusts when we meet clients to prepare their estate plan.

We handle our estate planning appointments as packages, in which we create all the documents to address passing the estate at death and to protect one in the event of incapacity. We believe it is critical to create durable Powers of Attorney and health care documents along with wills and trusts. We meet with clients personally to determine the type of estate plan that is best suited for each client, also considering the cost and other relevant factors. The initial estate planning meeting takes approximately one hour. At that meeting, we determine what kind of plan is suitable and quote a fee. The client returns for an estate planning signing meeting of approximately another hour.

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