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Upcoming Presentations at City Island Library

Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 5:30PM

I am scheduled to make presentations at the Volusia County Public Library at City Island to educate the public about important legal issues and other interesting matters. The public is invited to attend.

Wednesday, March 30th - 10 A.M. - Financial Planning for Long-Term Care

In the long-term care presentation, we discuss how to pay for long-term-care, including long-term care insurance and Medicaid. We review the details of Medicaid qualification, including the asset and income limitations and other requirements of qualification. We talk about the look-back period,and treatment of assets and income, annuities, trusts, and other qualification issues as to single people and married people.

The talk addresses the potential for clients' needing long-term care, and how one would pay for it.The three choices are: out-of-pocket, insurance and Medicaid. Relying on Medicaid should be the last choice because Medicaid qualification has severe asset and income limitations and requirements.Long-term care insurance generally is applicable for home health care and assisted living facility care. Then, we review the three major areas of Medicaid qualification: level of care and programs,income limitations and asset limitations.

Wednesday, April 27th - 10 A.M. - Scams, Shams and Flimflams

In this talk, we concentrate on how to protect yourself from theft of your money and identity as well as damage to your credit. We learned as children that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.We also have heard that nothing is free. There's always something expected by the party giving something free. The risks of attack to your credit, as well as outright theft of your money and property, have increased exponentially in recent years.

We will discuss how to address phone calls, door-to-door contacts, and other attacks. We will also discuss the additional challenges in protecting yourself as you become more vulnerable with advance age. And we will provide information about agencies to use as a resource to protect yourself. 

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