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Smart Phone Health Applications

Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 2:40PM

With all of the new technology these days, Apple just released a new application with their recent software update, iOS8, entitled Medical ID (although other smartphones have similar applications as well). This new application could be a lifesaver for those who use it. The Medical ID application screen allows one to enter information such as name, birth date, medical conditions, medical notes, allergies and reactions, medications, emergency contacts, blood type, organ donor status, weight, and height.

To create a Medical ID, one needs to (1) launch the Health App from the iPhone screen; (2) once the app is launched, tap on the Medical ID tab at the bottom of the screen; (3) fill out the information that the app prompts you to enter. The most important part of this process is to make sure you allow the Medical ID to be accessed even when your iPhone is locked and pass code protected, as the picture indicates. That then allows an individual to open your Medical ID, even without your pass code, by tapping the emergency button at the bottom of the iPhone screen and then selecting Medical ID.

By allowing the Medical ID to be launched from your lock screen, you are allowing a first responder to make sound medical decisions about your health that could affect diagnosis and treatment if you are unable to speak for yourself. A first responder would then have access to all of your medical information ranging from recent surgeries to chronic illnesses to allergic reactions to medications.

One can even include notes about healthcare documents they have executed such as a living will and/or a healthcare power of attorney. Our office encourages our clients to take advantage of such smart phone health applications because one can never know when they may be unable to speak for themselves.

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